Our staff is keenly aware that your case, whether it involves child custody, divorce, or any other family law matter, is important to you. That is why each client is given prompt, courteous, and attentive service. We fight to protect your rights, present your case and ensure you are not lost in the legal system.

Please take a moment to review the forms and information provided here. These documents are products of Reeves Law Firm and are provided here for our clients and perspective clients but the information is valid for practically any divorce and/or child custody case in Texas.

  • Handout of FAQs for new and perspective clients

This is a handout that we offer to our clients, it contains the most frequently asked questions we received during the initial meeting with new clients and is therefore provided here so that you can review the information and make the most of your time with the lawyer.

This simple form is used to run a conflict check, add you to our conflict data base and to ensure we have current contact information.

Whether you hire Reeves Law Firm, PC or some other law firm, the information in this detailed document will be needed, including the names of children affected by the suit, dates of marriage and a lot of rather personal information – THIS INFORMATION IS PROTECTED BY ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE.

You are under no obligation when you schedule your initial consultation. However, if you do decide to hire Reeves Law Firm to handle your child custody, child support, or divorce case, we will be asking for these items in order to get started. That is why we ask you gather these documents and bring them with you to your free initial consultation.

Collin County, like many larger counties in Texas has promulgated “Standing Orders” that take effect in EVERY case involving divorce, child custody, or child support. These orders are automatic and bindign on you as soon as you hire a lawyer or if you are the respondent, as soon as you are served.

If you decide to hire Reeves Law Firm, you will be asked so sign a contract similar to this one.

  • Financial Information In a Family Law Case

This is a financial data form that should be carefully prepared and submitted to the Court in any case where one party (or both) are asking for child support to temporary spousal support.

In order to assist the Court in dividing property and to help your lawyer prepare for trial, this form (which the Judge may order you to prepare) provides a framework for everyone involved to know what “stuff” must be divided as part of the divorce.