Uncontested Divorce a/k/a Divorce without Lawyers

Uncontested Divorce

Mediating a Divorce without Lawyers

Mediate your Divorce issues without lawyers
for one low fixed price of only $449 per side.

Your marraige started with two people – you and your spouse, now one or both of you want out. Divorce is the death of a relationship, it is okay to mourne and it is okay to be angry. It is NOT okay to spend everthing you have worked for during your married life on attorneys who want to win so they can charge the next client more because he/she wins. Why pay two attorneys to fight over your stuff when the law is specific – it is going to be split 50/50 unless one of you has a substantial reason for the Court to do something else.  Unfortunately, your spouse may not feel the same way as you or your spouse may be so certain that they are getting the worst of it that they simply cannot or will not work for a solution.

If you find yourself in this position, unfortunately, you are not going to have an uncontested or mediated divorce.  If this is your case, please refer to the following information:

The Mechanics of a Divorce – A blog article on this website explaining the mechanics of how a divorce is started and the legal process that ends your marriage.

Ten Things You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce – A short dissertation on the mistakes people make when getting a divorce and the absolute facts that must be considered.

The Cost of Divorce – What does divorce cost when you cannot agree?

No matter what caused the marriage to end, when your family is in crisis, you must decide if your divorce will be a battle or a negotiation.  This decision is your choice.  Do not let your divorce attorney make this call.  PLEASE NOTE, I AM NOT SAYING YOU DO NOT NEED ADVICE.  I am saying you do not need a lawyer deciding HOW your case will proceed.  That should be your choice.  As I describe to my clients  – You (the client) are the President of the Country, I (your lawyer) am your General.  You decide if we go to war, you decide what is politically off limits, and you decide when and if we declare war and under what terms we engage in battle and when it is time to call a truce.  As your General, my job is to plan strategy and advise you on the probable outcomes based on information provided or learned through discovery and it is my job to advise you to the best of my knowledge and ability so that you can make the consequential decisions.

You did not spend years amassing property and saving your money just to give it all to lawyers.

It possible, you and your spouse should mediate not litigate.  This is not always a choice.  If the other side has elected to scorch the earth at all cost in hopes of winning or just proving a point hire an Attorney to be your Champion and General.  But if there is a choice, if your spouse is willing,  you should work to reach a solution without the cost of attorneys and complex litigation.  Then when you and your spouse have reached an agreement, secure the services of a skilled family law attorney to complete your pleadings and orders.

Traditionally, one spouse files a petition for divorce, the other spouse files an answer and counter-pleadings. Next the Attorneys hired spend a lot of time and money conducting discovery before the parties and their attorneys show up at a mediators office. By this time each spouse has paid for 15 to 50 hours of attorney time and the mediation will last 6 to 8 hours during which time both attorneys are billing for being there. During the mediation, the attorneys do most of the talking while the mediator works through the problem and at the end of the day the parties hopefully reach a resolution without the necessity of going to court. The intersting fact is, most of the cases that settle at mediation would have resolved even if the attorneys were not there. In fact, sometimes cases resolve only when the lawyers and their egos are removed from the equation.

Divorce does  have to be expensive – there is a choice.

Attorney Roy L. Reeves offers a simple solution to a difficult problem at a fraction of the cost of traditional mediation and we help the parties reach an amicable solution that is in everyone’s best interest without excessive attorneys fees or expensive litigation and best of all, you remain in control of your case and the cost.

    • Mediation without lawyers is private, confidential and cost effective.
    • Mediation without lawyers opens lines of communication. Parties are able to be heard and to vent.
    • Parties can structure a resolution that the may not achieve in court.
    • Parties receive a neutral evaluation of their case. Each side learns something.
    • You can mediate on the date that works with your schedule, not the day the Judge or your lawyer picks.
    • You pay only for the services recieved, no need to pay a lawyer to sit and talk or wait for a Judge.

Resolve your divorce without lawyers.

The first thing you must do is simply ask your spouse if he or she will agree to try to mediate without lawyers.  PLEASE, DO NOT ASSUME THE OTHER SIDE WILL AGREE.  Once both of you think this is something you want to try – you can get started by submitting a Participant Form.  Once this form has been submitted, we will evaluate your case and send a request to the other party asking him or her to consider mediation.  Once we have both parties contact information you will be scheduled for an intake with both parties present.  It is impairative that both participants be present at the intake because:

  • You will meet the attorney who will mediate your case to discuss your case and mutual goals and narrow the issues.
  • Both parties will sign the Mediation Agreement and select a date to mediate the case.
  • You will pay the Mediation Fee but only if the mediation is scheduled.
    If either side elects to proceed with a lawyer, you pay nothing.
  • You will be provided with a packet of documents to complete and return prior to the mediation date.
  • You will receive valuable information that both parties need to know about the legal process after mediation and what you will need to do to get a Judge’s signature without a lawyer.