Client Review

Family law clients come in every shape and size, thier divorce or custody case is just as unique as the people involved, so choose a firm that will represent you and meet your needs. You deserve a lawyer who knows your case is unique.

Our clients and former-clients are our most valued references.  We encourage all clients to post here your opinions on how your case was handled.

Feel free to tell us what you think about Reeves Law Firm, but please refrain from derogatory comments about Judges, the other attorney, or the legal system in general.  Your comments and intended to help others in deciding whether to hire Reeves Law Firm to handle a family law matter.


“Roy Reeves and Brittany, his assistant, guided and sucessfuly finalized a joyful/difficult adoption for my family and I. They really know their stuff and are a delight to work with. Reeves Law Firm is #1 in my book.”  – Kayla

“Roy and Brittany are great.  Roy was able to come in and analyze the situation, and then he took immediate, effective steps to get the dispute resolved without anybody having to go to court. I am grateful for his quick, efficient, effective, and decisive actions.” – I.A.

“He gets it.  I had gotten behind on child support and rather than tell me I was screwed, or worse, taking my money and telling everything would be okay, I was given a fair and honest assessment. ”  – Jason

“I wish I had hired Mr. Reeves for my divorce and custody suit at first, but I did not know about him.  I recently had to go back to court and hired Reeves Law Firm to handle the modification, I learned so much.  Mr. Reeves explained everything as we went and included me in the strategy.  My prior lawyer just showed up, I never knew what was going to happen.”  – Tara

 “I met with 3 lawyers, including Mr.Reeves, and after careful consideration, decided to hire Mr. Reeves to handle my divorce, which was complicated with a custody fight. I am very pleased with the attention I was giving to my case and with the outcome. Mr. Reeves is trustworthy, knowledgeable and if for some reason he was not able to talk with me when I called his office, his friendly stuff updated me about what was going on in my case.”  – Jane

“I had another leading lawyer represent me in my divorce but my ex-wife just won’t let things go.  She sued me for slander just a few weeks after our divorce was granted.  I hired Reeves Law Firm on a referral and I am glad I did, Mr. Reeves filed a motion that had my ex-wife’s new lawsuit dismissed.   He did not waste money doing a lot of things that were not needed, he explained what was necessary and did only those things so the problem was fixed fast and he did not run up my legal fees.  When we go back to court next time, and knowing her, there will be a next time, I am going to have Reeves Law Firm handle the custody modification.”  – George

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