How to divorce during a pandemic

The current pandemic has lead to a lot of frustration and marital discord. If you need to consult with a divorce attorney in McKinney, Texas, Reeves Law Firm is accepting new clients via video conferencing.

The Courts are closed or only hearing cases involving emergency or danger to a child and for the foreseeable future, this will be life in the US.  Unfortunately, tensions do not go away when the world screeches to a halt and everyone must social distance themselves, work from home, or stop going out.  In fact, if the marriage was on the edge before, being locked down with your spouse is going to do one of two things – force the two of you to talk it out or simply make a bad situation worse.C

Talking it out has two possible results – your marriage is strengthened and differences get reconciled, or the two of you at least come to an amicable division of the stuff and deal with future custody and support issues.  And, the worse situation only proves what you probably already knew, it is time to divorce.  But what do you do in the middle of the current pandemic?  The fear of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has brought divorce proceedings to a halt.  Judges cannot stop you from filing a new case, but they can and do refuse to schedule any hearings unless there is an emergency or danger to children.

Contact us at 972-596-4000 or send an email to [email protected] to schedule an appointment with a skilled child custody and divorce attorney in McKinney, Texas via video conference

Here is the crux of my blog this week – if you plan to divorce, go ahead and get the ball rolling.  If you have an agreement, get it reduced to writing and secure before anyone changes his or her mind.  But lawyers are also locked down, offices are closed, attorneys are social distancing too.  What can you do?  Video conference!  Welcome to the new world order – Reeves Law Firm is open and accepting new clients and to protect you and help ensure we all do our part to social distance, we can now offer office consultations via video conferencing programs such as Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime.  You can set an appointment, consult a skilled child custody, child support and divorce attorney and do so from the convenience of you home.  We handle the “paperwork” and payment electronically.  Call today and request a new client packet, we can e-mail the documents to you or you can get them here on our website.  Use Adobe to fill them out and return them to our office or you can print them, fill them out and take a photo or scan if you have the capability and send it back.

We can handle Attorney-Client conferences via video conference and your Petition or Motion can be prepared and filed with the court electronically.  This way, when the dust settles and the world resumes life outside our own four walls, your case is in the system and can proceed timely.   So as you ponder your future, remember a divorce must be on file for at least 60 days before a Judge can sign your decree and that 60 days starts the date the case is filed even if the Court is not hearing cases at that time due to a pandemic.

Don’t panic about your future, call and set an appointment to discuss it.


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