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At Reeves Law Firm, P.C. we take the old fashioned approach to your legal problems: hard work and persistence. Whether you are an individual, small business, or large corporation, every client receives attention to detail, prompt professional assistance and dedication to serving your needs.

Initial Consultation

We are often asked about a free consultation and in the past that was the standard but today, most attorneys including Reeves Law Firm, charge an initial consultation fee.  The fee varies, and in many firms, it is the billing attorney’s hourly rate.  At Reeves Law Firm we understand that you are making a hiring decision.  Accordingly, out initial consultation fee is $99 and entitles you up to one hour of time with an attorney so that you ask questions you need to make an informed hiring decision.

If you live in Allen, Dallas, Frisco, Garland, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Sasche, Wylie, or anywhere in Collin County or Dallas County and need to talk to a Divorce Lawyer we have appointments available in our Plano and McKinney offices.

Reeves Law Firm has experience and offers quality litigation services in: Aviation – Representing pilots before the FAA and NTSB, reviewing purchase contracts, drafting partnership agreements, dissolution of partnerships and shared ownership and other aviation related transactional issues; Criminal Appeals and Criminal Defense – We handle all levels of criminal defense and criminal appeals from misdemeanor to capitol felonies, DWI, DUI, assault and drug possession cases as well as Federal Crimes including federal drug charges, conspiracy charges and white collar crimes, pre-trial though appeal; and we handle Family Law – including contested and uncontested divorces, agreed custody and support modification and hotly contested child custody determination, adoptions, paternity issues, and more.

Child Custody


Child Custody is one of the two most emotionally charged issues raised in a divorce with division of the property running a distant second place. After all, your children are the most important thing in your life.

That is why you should hire Reeves Law Firm to assist with your Custody issues. Whether you are filing for divorce, seeking to modify custody, or trying to enforce existing orders, your children are too important to trust just any attorney. The same holds true if you are trying to establish paternity, adopt a child, or change the amount of child support. We know that finding a lawyer to handle your case can be a very daunting task.  Pick up the phone and call 972-596-4000 and give us the chance to show you that Reeves Law Firm is the right firm for your needs.

Child Support

Parents have a legal as well as a moral duty to support their children.  When Mom and Dad live together, there is seldom any issue in this regard.  However, when the parents do not live together things can and do get tense.

Whether you are trying to establish paternity, initiate child support proceedings, or modifying existing child support orders; child support issues require patience and assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Reeves Law Firm represents both Mother and Fathers trying to establish and modify child support.  Whether you are seeking to establish, increase or decrease support, let us put our years of experience to work for you. Call 972-596-4000 or send an e-mail today to set an appointment to discuss your case with an attorney with 20 years experience litigating child support issues.


Are you considering a divorce?  Looking for information on modifying a child custody or child support order?  Do you need to establish paternity and get child support?  Are you looking to adopt a child?

Call today to set up a consultation.  This consultation can last up to one hour and is your opportunity to ask questions, learn about our staff, and make an informed hiring decision.  After all, you are the client and the boss.  You are the one looking to hire a lawyer, and it is our duty to show you that Reeves Law Firm is the right firm for your needs.

Aggressive, Compassionate, and Experienced.  Yes!  You can have it all in one firm.

Our primary practice is in the arena of family law. With a former practice outside the gates of the largest military base in the United States, Roy L. Reeves has handled hundreds of contested divorces, custody fights, challenging child support issues and a multitude of other family law issues.

You need a champion on your side.  Whether you are contemplating a divorce, your spouse has filed for a divorce and you have been served, or you need to modify existing child support or custody orders; this is not a time to hire a family lawyer based on convenience.  You need an lawyer who is aggressive yet compassionate, a divorce lawyer with the experience to fight for your rights, and a tenacious law firm that understands how important your children are to you.

Reeves Law Firm, P.C. is located at 5900 S. Lake Forrest Drive, McKinney, Texas right off State Highway 121 but we still maintain access to our former office at 1400 Gables Court in Plano, Collin County, Texas.  

Whether you need to meet in Plano or McKinney – we serve the Collin County community and you can set your appointment to discuss your case with an experienced attorney with just one phone call.  If you have been arrested for a DWI/DUI or some other crime, or you want information on Child Custody or even a Divorce, our prompt and courteous staff stands ready to help.  And, if we can’t help, we can generally refer you to another attorney who can.


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